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It was during his studies at 'Thelma Yellin National School of the Arts", that Joy Shechter decided to become a ​composer. growing up, surrounded by some of the best young musicians and teachers of Israel, he had the opportunity to compose, perform and tour abroad from a young age. 

After his graduation, Joy helped to establish 'Bikurim - Youth Village of the Performing Arts', as he volunteered to work as a musical instructor in the program during the institution's first year. Later, he was recruited to the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), and was selected to the exclusive 'Unit of Outstanding Musicians'. As a soldier, Joy participated in the 'Sulamot - Music for Social Change' program as a music instructor, as well as an administrator. He represented the program twice: at the AIPAC conference in Washington D.C. and in at a tour in Los Angeles, CA. he also represented the IDF as a musical director for a delegation in Poland.

During his military service, he completed his diploma in Jazz Performance at the 'Rimon School of Music'. he was awarded 1st place at the school's Jazz Competition, 2nd place at the school's Rock Song Competition, and represented the school at the ISAJ conference in Sienna, Italy. During this time he also recorded and toured across the country with a number of artists, such as Gumbo and Shahar Guttman.

As he came closer to complete his military service, Joy received a full scholarship to attend "Berklee College of Music" it Boston. He decided to pursue a degree in Film Scoring and spent the majority of his college years perfecting his dramatic sensitivity as a composer. he worked on several student films, participated in Terence Blanchard's Extet at Berklee, Composed and conducted film music for the FSSO and recived the Rick Applin Award for Best Fugue.

Along side with his path as a film composer, Joy Shechter leads the 'Joy Shechter Group', an ensemble of original music, inspired by Jazz and Folk Music. Their first E.P was recorded in November 2019, and is about to be released at the beginning of 2020.

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